What is Maternity Insurance?

Maternity insurance is a type of health insurance that covers the costs of routine pregnancy checks, pregnancy tests and examinations related to normal or cesarean delivery.

A) Maternity Insurance with Waiting Period

This is the type of insurance that you should take out before pregnancy begins. The waiting Periods are alternative as 1,3,5,12 and 18 months.

B) Maternity Insurance without Waiting Period

This is the type of insurance you should take out when pregnancy begins. There is no waiting period.

The Advantages of Maternity Insurance:

● Unlimited Maternity Coverage or Maternity Insurance with the waiting period that you can take out during pregnancy, covers your examination, tests and giving birth without limit within the coverages.

● You can be examined by the desired physician in Contracted Private Hospitals.

● You do not pay any additional fees for giving birth, including tests and examinations.

● Tax deduction advantage: It is possible to deduct the premiums you paid for your Complementary Health Insurance and Private Health Insurance from your tax in an amount not exceeding 15% - 35% of your monthly gross income.

● You can pay your premiums in installments without interest and benefit from the family discount.

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