What is Private Health Insurance?

Private health insurance is a type of insurance that provides payment for the treatment costs as a result of illness, accident and injury in accordance with the policy limit that has been specially prepared for you.

The limits determined in the policy vary according to the specific and general conditions. The general conditions may be similar in different insurance companies. Special conditions are prepared in accordance with the wishes and needs of both the insurance company and the insured.

What are the Private Health Insurance Coverages?

The insured who takes out Private Health Insurance secures his/her health within the following scope:

● The insured can benefit from any doctor, hospital or branch of his/her choice.

● The insured's full coverage treatment, diagnosis, health check services are covered by the insurance.

● The opportunity to benefit from the insurance product wherever you are in the world.

● All inpatient and outpatient treatment costs.

These are within the scope of coverage offered by Private Health Insurance.

Advantages of Private Health Insurance:

● Private health insurance allows you to benefit from all kinds of health services for one year at a price below the amount you would pay in private hospitals and practices. In other words, you can benefit from the inpatient and outpatient treatment facilities specified in your insurance policy, without hurting your budget, by being examined or treated at the hospital or health institution you want.

● You can benefit from additional coverage. Childbirth, Dental, Dietitian, Psychologist, Check–Up.

● Since it is planned specifically for the person, it is charged according to your needs.

● The insured, who takes out health insurance, has the opportunity to pay the costs of treatment, whether inpatient or outpatient, at home and abroad, in line with the policy limit.

● Tax deduction advantage: It is possible to deduct the premiums you paid for your Private Health Insurance from your tax in an amount not exceeding 15% - 35% of your monthly gross income.

● You can pay your premiums in installments without interest and benefit from the family discount.

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